Apple Watch apps

Apple Watch has 20 essential apps to help make your life easier and less complicated. Each app is just a click away on your wrist.

Here’s a brief description of each Apple Watch built-in apps: the Phone app – allows you to see incoming calls without having to reach for your iPhone, with this app you can take quick chat calls, or cover the watch to silence incoming calls. The Messages app – allows you to receive new messages with just a gentle tap, you can also read and respond, and dictate a text or audio message to send. The Mail app – you can read emails, or mark as read, or unread, or move to trash. This app also allows you to write a longer message using Handoff  to complete on your iPhone. The Activity app – allows you to monitor your daily activities, set the three-ring activity monitor, this way as you meet your goal each ring will close.

The Calendar app – assist you in planning your day or week. This app allows you to accept or decline calendar invitations, or emails, by using pre-set responses. The Workout app – you can choose workouts for walking, running, cycling and rowing. This app also shows real-time stats on time, distance, calories, pace, and speed. The Music app – music can be played from either the iPhone, or from your playlist right from your Apple Watch using wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Siri – is not actually an app, but can assist in many ways by pressing and holding the digital crown, or just by using your voice. The Wallet app – allows you to keep your boarding passes, tickets, and reward card right on your wrist. You can choose which method of payment you desire to use with Apple Pay. The Maps app – this app allows you to use Siri to search for nearby restaurants, gas stations, and stores. You can get directions, best route to take, as well as with Transit, you can use public transportation. The Stock app – allows you to access the stock market, to view current prices, points, as well as a graph to track performance over the past day, week, and months.

The Weather app – allows you to check the weather in your area, or anywhere in the world. You can view a detail forecast of the day or for the week. The Photo app – this app allows you to view your photos by using the digital crown, you can zoom, swipe and browse through albums. The Camera Remote app – can work as a viewfinder for the iSight camera on your iPhone, this is a great way to take selfies or group shots. The Remote app – allows you to swipe and scroll through the main menu list on Apple TV, Mac, or PC, as well as control Apple Music.

The Alarm app – by using the digital crown you can set your wake-up time, or ask Siri, as well as manage, label and set multiple alarm times. The Stopwatch app – this app can function in digital, analog, or hybrid view, as well as offers a graph view. The Timer app – this app keeps time of upcoming events, as the timer runs, an orange line moves around the dial letting you know how much time is left. The Settings app – this app allows you to enable or disable Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, and Do Not Disturb. You can mute on or off, and ping your iPhone if it’s lost. The World Clock app – this app allows you to check the time in different cities, states as well as countries around the globe. You can read more detail information about the Apple Watch apps at

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