Apple-iWatch 2Talk is surfacing that Apple will be bringing a new design to the Apple Watch 2 along with modular Watch straps, Gesture controls, and more.

A new patent shows that Apple is working on a way to implement a gesture sensor system into the Watch as an alternative to voice or touch input. These light sensors on the device and wrist strap are suppose to generate a reference profile from the reflectance of the light off the user’s tendons, skin muscles and bones. This technology will allow the Apple Watch to detect different types of motions from users via the hand, arm and wrist, and fingers. The device will then interpret these gestures as an input command and carry it out.

More Independent

The second generation of the Apple Watch is said to be more independent from the iPhone. The Watch 2 will have a new wireless chipset that will enable it to support Apple Pay, calling facility and a possible ‘Find My Watch’ which will have similar features to ‘Find My iPhone’.


The Watch 2 is also suppose to have its own GPS chip, OLED display, an improved battery, ARM Cortex A32 processor, a front-facing camera that will allow users to make and receive FaceTime calls and several health sensors. There’s also talk that the Watch 2 will have more waterproof capabilities and might sport a new circular design. In addition, the Watch is also said to be 20-40% thinner than the current Apple Watch.

Smart Bands

Earlier this week, Apple filed a patent that details a new modular strap design that will connect to the smartwatch by its diagnostics port. This will allow users to add additional functions such as a wireless charging battery pack, GPS receivers and processors.

At the moment there’s no official release date, but the new wearable is likely to make its debut sometime later this year. Tech Radar reports that the Apple Watch 2 might be unveiled during the Worldwide Developers Conference this June, or during the Apple Event this September.

source info: Tech Radar, ZDNet, MacRumors

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