Apple Updates Swift Language Project With Continuous Integration

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On Monday, Apple officially launched continuous integration for Swift, which enables checks on the project, and integrated testing with pull requests before any commits are made.

According to a new release note, the company’s system is based on Jenkins, and builds and runs tests for OS X and the iOS simulator, as well as Ubuntu Linux, according to the Swift blog. This method allows it to feature more configurations over time, as noted by the Swift team…

“The intent of the CI is to enable additional configurations to be added over time, especially in the cases where ports to other platforms or architectures reach a critical mass and support from the Swift development community.”

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In addition, if a developer proceeds with a decision to change something in which it breaks a build, they’ll automatically receive an email notification. According to the project, it should start supporting performance tests sometime soon.

Although Swift is said to be quite young in programming language, the Swift ABI (application binary interface) is noted to arrive alongside Swift 3, which Apple is rumored to reveal details about it sometime during June’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC).

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