Apple Updates Its Apple ID Website With A New Look

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In recent news, Apple’s old ID website has been updated with a new look. Instead of the original colors and design, Apple has adopted an up-to-date new look for its main hub focused on managing passwords, iOS devices and other vital account information.

In addition, the company added its main site’s header links into the update to make feel more like an extension of Apple’s main site instead of a place you go to when you have issues with your password or authentication.

One of the most favored implementations is the new two-step verification screen. If you have two-step activated, you will be represented with a scrolling list of all valid authentication devices to choose from.

Apple ID 2Moreover, the update also brings a new Devices section. In this part, folks will be given a visual list of all devices currently linked to your account. It’s there where you can get key information like Apple Pay status, serial number, IMEI, phone number, and more.

Apple ID 3The latest design for the company’s Apple ID website seems to be well received by users all around, and is said to look even better on mobile devices like the iPhone. Let us know what you think of Apple’s new design for its Apple ID website.

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