Apple on Thursday updated its iOS Security white paper (PDF) for iOS 11 to include information about Face ID, Apple Cash, and other features introduced with in iOS 11.1 and 11.2.

Apple Updates iOS Security Guide With Face ID, Apple Pay Cash and Other Information

Much of the information included in the paper about Face ID has already been shared in its dedicated FaceID white paper (PDF) and an accompanying support document released back in September,

The updated Security white paper also includes information about other security-related features, including:

iOS 11.1:

  • Security Certifications and Programs
  • Touch ID/Face ID
  • Shared Notes
  • CloudKit end-to-end encryption
  • TLS
  • Apple Pay, Paying with Apple Pay on the web
  • Siri Suggestions
  • Shared iPad

iOS 11.2:

  • Apple Pay Cash

The updated, 78-page-long iOS Security Guide is worth a look to any users or developers who are interested in seeing how Apple protects the security of iPhone users.