Apple TV’s Universal Search feature has expanded to five more countries, and has added The CW app to the United States search results. The new app launched recently on the set top box.

Apple TV's Universal Search Expands to 5 Additional Counties - Adds The CW App to Search Results

The CW app allows Apple TV users to watch the five most recent episodes of CW network shows for free, with ads. The app does not require users to enter their cable subscription credentials.

The device’s Universal Search function – which allows users to search for content via their Siri Remote, or use text-based searches, over a wide variety of television and movie content, across a wide range of channels – has also expanded to five additional countries, including: Mexico, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and the Netherlands, for iTunes movies and Netflix.

Australian Apple TV viewers will find Universal Search now returns results for regional video on demand services ABC iview and Plus7. Support for video streaming service Stan was added awhile back.

Australia was the first country to get search results for anything besides iTunes and Netflix outside of the United States. U.S. Apple TV viewers get Universal Search results for a number of different streaming services, while Canada, France, Germany, the U.K., Mexico, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and the Netherlands are limited to iTunes and Netflix. Other countries only get results from the iTunes movie catalog.

(Via MacRumors)