Apple TV Will Soon Have Video Previews

Apple TV

The tvOS App Store has steadily been improving over the past few months and just recently Apple is allowing for developers to create app previews to show users how their apps work.

Last Wednesday, Apple announced a small update to the App Store that will allow developers to add video previews for their apps. The previews will work the same way as they work in the iOS App Store which will give users a better idea of how the app will function before downloading it. Each video can be between 15 to 30 seconds long and will appear on the app’s main page.

Since developers have to create the preview video, Apple is suggesting for them to use QuickTime and to capture the Apple TV content in landscape mode to give users a better feel of the app.

Apple has been working hard to improve the App Store on tvOS since the Apple TV launched back in October. So far Apple has added features such as top charts, new categories, and listings of iOS apps that have tvOS versions. It should be noted that Apple has plans on releasing the tvOS 9.2 software update, which will include an updated app switcher, Siri voice support for more languages and a dictation.

So far, no official date has been set on when the new software will be released to the public, but we should be seeing it sometime soon.

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