Apple will be holding their annual New Year’s Sale in Japan on January 2nd. The traditional sale will offer discounts on Apple merchandise.

Apple to Hold Annual New Year's Sale in Japan on January 2

In the past, Apple had participated in Japan’s tradition of offering “Fukubukuro” or “lucky bags” to its customers. The bags would be priced at around $300, and would contain a variety of random Apple products. While most of the bags contained accessories, such as cases, headphones, speakers, and other products, some would contain items such as a MacBook Air or an iPad. Apple discontinued its participation in the tradition in 2016.

The company now offers various discounts on January 2, similar to its Black Friday sales offerings in the U.S. These could include discounts or gift cards with the purchase of iPhones, iPads, Macs, and more.

(Via MacRumors)