Apple Sues Company For Selling Fake Products On Amazon

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Apple has filed a lawsuit against Mobile Star who claims to sell genuine Apple chargers and cables on Amazon, but further investigation has proven the items are fake.

Mobile Star has sold chargers and cables under Apple logo name on Amazon’s website in the United States, the customer review ratings on these electronic products were very low ratings, all less than 3 out of 5 stars. Apple became aware of the discontent customers through Amazon, after Apple purchased these items from Amazon from the buyer Mobile Star, Apple determined these items being sold were counterfeited. Because of the dangerous hazard of some of these accessories with flawed designs, which has caused over heating, electric shock, and have caught fire, Apple has brought on this lawsuit to stop any further distribution of counterfeit products using Apple’s logo and being sold to the public.

The company Mobile Star has also supplied counterfeit Apple products on the website Groupon as well, these fake products are not subjected to industry-standard consumer safety, and the majority are poorly constructed with missing components, inadequate electrical insulation, as well as flawed design, where as Apple’s genuine products must meet an industry-standard consumer safety test. The lawsuit claims the company used Apple’s trademark, trade dress, and copyright works to create the impression as Apple’s original product. To read more regarding this issue visit:

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