Apple Store’s Third Floor At IFC Mall Is Now Open

Apple's third floor

In recent news, Apple has opened its third floor at the IFC Mall’s Apple Store in Hong Kong, which has been highly anticipated among many consumers.

Thanks to Apple Insider who was able to get photos of the new third floor. Many consumers will find the new addition to blend with the rest of the store. Despite the renovations, Apple chose to keep the look of the store the same, and focused on offering more service and space.

IFC Store

The new floor is mainly dedicated to a Genius Bar and two accessory walls. Meaning consumers will be able to get repairs done and have a nice variety of accessories to choose from.

IFC stair case

Instead of extending the original staircase, the renovation brought about a separate staircase to access the new level.

The IFC Mall was Apple’s first location in Hong Kong since 2011 and continues to be a focal point for Apple’s product launches.

Source Info: Apple Insider

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