Apple Stores Are Now Called “Town Squares”


Apple has a new name for its multitude of Apple Stores, moments before unveiling its new September devices, the company announced it store new name “Town Squares.”

The day Apple launched the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, the new Apple Watch Series 3, and the Apple TV 4K, another quieter announcement was being made within that same big event, a name change was being introduced.

Apple’s senior vice president of retail and online stores, Angela Ahrendts made the comment on the Steve Jobs Theater center stage that the company viewed its perspective of its stores more of a larger Apple product. Ahrendts stated that “We think of Apple retail stores as Apple’s largest product”, and then she proceeded to announce the new name in the next statement by saying “It’s funny, we actually don’t call them stores anymore. We call them town squares because they’re gathering places where everyone is welcome.”

The new concept is to set a trend for a place to come and relax, meet up with friends, listen to local artist outdoors, or come inside and learn many different things from taking better photos to developing apps and making movies. Apple CEO Tim Cook went on to elaborate that this new concept is “about learning, inspiring, and connecting with people, and the store is the best place to go discover, explore and experience new products.”

At this point, only Apple stores mainly in the larger city areas, will have this new concept which will include the new redesigned name Genius Grove, which used to be the Genius Bar, and the new in-store experience called “Today at Apple” which is Apple’s new concept of hands-on sessions which will be led by qualified trained members. If you live in an area with an Apple Town Square, you might want to stop in and check-out the new vibe for yourself.

Source: dailyherald, zdnet

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