Apple Starts New Free Repair Program For 2013 Mac Pro Devices

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In recent news, Apple has launched a new program that is free and covers 2013 Mac Pro devices. This program deals with faulty video cards, which in some cases is believed to be associated with problems like distorted or non-existing graphics, freezing, reboots, unexpected shutdowns, and even faulty start-ups.

According to MacRumors, these Mac Pros were issued and manufactured somewhere between February 8th, and April 11th of last year. The source noted that they are equipped with AMD FirePro D500 or D700 cards, and that the program doesn’t cover D300s.

Furthermore, for those that have matching problems with their 2013 Mac Pro devices can schedule an appointment at an Apple Store Genius Bar, or see an Apple authorized service provider, in order to see if their device is eligible for the free repair program.

The source notes that a number of Mac Pro owners have been reporting problems about their graphics-related issues ever since last year during February. Although some managed to get a free repair through Apple, until now there was no formal method.

This program will be active until May 30th, 2018.

Source info: MacRumors

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