Apple Says $29 iPhone Battery Replacement Deal is Limited to One Per Device

iPhone users hoping to make a double-tap on Apple’s $29 iPhone battery replacement program are in for a bit of disappointment.

Apple Says $29 iPhone Battery Replacement Deal is Limited to One Per Device


While we previously confirmed that Apple is offering $29 battery replacements to any customer with an iPhone 6 or newer regardless of diagnostic result, Apple has indicated that this policy can only be taken advantage of once, according to new fine print on its iPhone service pricing page. 

This means if you have your iPhone battery replaced once this year, your device will have to fail the battery diagnostics test to qualify for another battery replacement. If the test shows another battery is needed, the $29 deal will still apply. If it doesn’t show a new battery is needed, (according to Apple’s benchmarks), the battery can still be replaced if you’d like, but it’ll cost you the standard $79 fee.

This should prevent users who might want to take advantage of the program now, and then get another new battery installed near the end of the year.

Apple dropped the price of an iPhone battery replacement from $79 to $29 following the revelation that Apple slowed older devices with worn batteries. Apple publicly apologized for not being more transparent as to why they slow older iPhones, saying it slowed affected devices due to issues that could be caused by worn batteries in the devices.

The discounted battery replacement deal is available form now to December 31, 2018. Pricing can vary outside the United States. To have your iPhone 6 or newer’s battery replaced, schedule a Genius Bar appointment at your closest Apple Store, or contact Apple Support by Twitterphone, email, or online chat. Battery replacements can also be made at select Apple Authorized Service Providers.

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