Apple Rolls Out Update for Smart Keyboard – Fixes Connectivity Issues


Apple has begun rolling out a software update for the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard. The update is intended to fix connectivity issues users have experienced since the debut of the iPad Pro and its accessories.

Apple Rolls Out Update for Smart Keyboard - Fixes Connectivity Issues

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Apple support document:

If your iPad Pro wakes up from time to time when it’s connected to a Smart Keyboard, here’s what to do.

To solve this issue, disconnect the Smart Keyboard from your iPad Pro, and then connect it again. When iOS asks if you want to update the Smart Keyboard, tap Update.

While Apple says the above issue is fixed in the update, it doesn’t address other issues afflicting Smart Keyboard users, including an issue where the Command-Tab shortcut does not always navigate to the app-switcher.

The firmware update applies to devices running both iOS 9.2.1, which is the latest public release of iOS, and iOS 9.3, which is currently available for pre-release testing by developers and members of Apple’s Public beta Testing program.

iOS 9.3, which will likely be released in March, also includes enhancements for using the keyboard with the iPad Pro, including new shortcuts, (Command + H takes users to the Home Screen), and the ability to update third-party Smart Connector accessories over the air. (Via 9to5Mac)

(Via iMore)

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