Apple Rolls Out 12 New App Categories to tvOS App Store


Apple has added 12 new app categories to its tvOS App Store on the fourth-generation Apple TV. The new categories are still rolling out, so you might not see them immediately on your box.

Apple Rolls Out 12 New App Categories to tvOS App Store

Screenshot courtesy of MacRumors

The new app categories are:

In it’s initial version, the tvOS App Store was rather wild west-like, with no categories section to help Apple TV owners discover apps for their brand new, app-capable device. Apple did add app categories in November, but those were initially limited to “Games,” and “Entertainment.” Apple has since slowly added other categories to the list.

The above list is courtesy of AfterPad, a website that showcases iOS and Apple TV games and accessories. The site is definitely worth a look, especially for fourth-generation Apple TV users.

As a side note, AppleInsider noticed the Apple TV App Store is also currently featuring a splash ad for Apple CEO Tim Cook’s recent interview with ABC News anchor David Muir, in which he discussed at length Apple fight to vacate a court decision which would force Apple to help the FBI unlock an iPhone 5c used by San Bernardino shooter  Syed Farook.

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