Apple Reportedly Working On Advanced Screen Display Technology

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Bloomberg recently reported that Apple is planning for enhanced display technology for future iPhones, iPads and other devices. The report notes that Apple has opened a hidden lab within a Taiwanese science park, and is reported to have around 50 engineers working on advanced LCD and OLED display tech.

The California-based company’s goal is to create screens that are lighter, thinner, brighter and much more energy-efficient than current screens. The report focuses on Apple’s keen interest in OLED tech, and notes that it is good for improving energy efficiency and thinness that the Cupertino firm is looking for.

The report by Bloomberg notes that Apple is occupying a building that Qualcomm had once occupied back in 2008. Bloomberg also points out that an Apple logo is stationed on the wall behind the receptionist desk, and that employees are outfitted with Apple branded ID badges.

In addition to this, official government documents reveal that Apple has registered the location as the official Taiwanese headquarters for Apple LLC. The building is located inside of Longtan Science Park, a popular place for tech firms, and a location that is a little over two miles from downtown Taipei.

You can read the full report that Bloomberg did on Apple and the new plant for screen displays at

Source info: Bloomberg

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