appletvremoteappToday's tvOS 9.1 update for the fourth-generation Apple TV enables a feature that many have been missing - support for the Remote app on iOS devices. Prior to today, the new Apple TV was not compatible with the Remote app that has long allowed iPhone and iPad users to control their second and third-generation Apple TVs with their iOS devices.

Apple likely skipped implementing Remote support for the new Apple TV initially because it includes a touch-based remote control that enables many of the same gestures, but users have expressed some disappointment that the app didn't work. The Remote app may mimic the touch-based interface of the physical Apple TV remote control, but it will be handy in a pinch should that remote become lost or misplaced.

Being able to use the Remote app will also remedy one of the most frustrating aspects of the new Apple TV -- text entry. Prior to today, it was necessary to use the swipe controls on the physical Apple TV remote with an on-screen keyboard to enter text. The Remote app will allow iPhone and iPad owners to use their devices to enter text much more quickly.

The Remote iOS app does not require updating to work with the fourth-generation Apple TV, but the set-top box does require tvOS 9.1 to be installed. Today's iOS 9.2 update is also not required and we have confirmed that the Remote app works with iOS devices running earlier versions of iOS 9.

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