Apple releases watchOS 5.1.1 to flx Apple Watch ‘bricking’ issue

The release of watchOS 5.1 didn’t go so hot, as some early downloaders on October 30 discovered that the update was “bricking” their devices. Apple quickly pulled the release “as a precaution.” Today, the fix is here in there form of watchOS 5.1.1, and it’s now available for download.

As you might expect, Apple’s patch notes don’t say anything about the bricking issue aside from the usual bit about including “improvements and bug fixes.”

But the patch does come with a new feature—at least if you didn’t have a chance to download watchOS 5.1. As of today, the Apple Watch 4 will now automatically call emergency contacts if it detects that you’ve suffered a hard fall. It was one of the most impressive features when Apple showed off its updated wearable, and we’re glad to see it make the live release. Now we just need to see the promised ECG support.

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