Apple Releases Three New iPhone 6s Camera And Siri Ads

iPhone 6s1 Apple recently revealed a new line of iPhone 6s ads featuring Siri and the phone’s camera. These new commercial ads arrive less than two weeks after the “3D Touch” iPhone 6s commercial, which showcased Peek and Pop and much more.

The first two ads out of the three are only 16 seconds long, while the third ad runs for a minute. Both the first and second ad revolve around Jamie Foxx asking Siri some questions, while the third ad focuses more on the iPhone 6s’ camera and what it can all do.

The first ad is entitled “Flip a Coin,” the second “Crush,” while the third is titled “The Camera.” You can check out each video below, courtesy of Apple’s YouTube channel.

Apple has been stepping out of the box lately. Usually the company would release new ads on every other Tuesday, but not only have they started changing things up when seeding iOS 9 to users (Which use to be every two weeks), it seems as if the company is doing the same with their commercials, which a surprise isn’t a bad thing — as long as it’s done right.

With that said, what do you think about Apple’s new commercials? Were the three bad commercials or were they informative and funny? Let us know in the comments below.

Source info: Apple’s YouTube channel

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