Apple Releases Seven New Apple Watch Ads

aw three 2 Apple updated their YouTube channel with more ads. This time, the company adds even more little short commercial for their Apple Watch, which highlights different features that’s on the Watch.

Apple is out with seven new short TV ads for the Apple Watch. The format is similar to the one that they did two weeks ago, when they first debuted the ads in the Watch series. Like before, each of the ads or short films focus on one specific feature of the Apple Watch, like apps, Apple pay, Siri, tracking, physical activities and how the Watch is convenient and simple to use.

The name of the ads below span from Play, Style, Kiss, Dance, Move, Skate and Travel. For those that are interested and want to see the new ads, you can check them out below, courtesy of Apple’s YouTube channel.

After watching the seven ads (as seen above), what did you think about them? Do you think Apple is getting better with their Apple Watch ads or no? Let us know in the comments below.

Source info: Apple’s YouTube channel

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