The Cupertino-based company released several fun ads on its YouTube channel showcasing its exclusive iPhone X features such as Face ID and Animoji.

The first ad titled “Animoji Yourself” is 38-seconds long and shows a user lip-syncing to popular songs while using different Animoji characters such as the unicorn, Monkey, Panda and more.

Apple also released an ad showing how Face ID works when unlocking the device in its ad titled “Introducing Face ID.”

Apple shows how Face ID can successfully work in the dark in the ad “Opens in the Dark” and how Face ID can recognize users even if they’re wearing makeup and glasses in the ad “Knows You When You Change You.”

Not only will Apple share these ads on TV and YouTube, but fans can see them on the company’s official Instagram. For now, you can check out all four ads by watching them above.

Source: YouTube


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