Apple releases iOS 9.2 with Arabic Siri, Safari improvements, & more

Siri iOS 9.2 Arabic support

Apple today released iOS 9.2 for iPhones and iPads after several versions of testing. The point update so far has included improvements to Safari including an improved Safari View Controller for viewing websites within apps and easily dismissing them afterwards, the addition of Arabic language support with the Siri voice assistant for the first time, and more.

Previous betas of iOS 9.2 also included AT&T’s new NumberSync feature for iPhone subscribers on their network. This feature allows you to use your other connected devices to send and receive text messages and make phone calls using your phone number even when your iPhone isn’t nearby. More recent betas have removed the feature, however, as NumberSync isn’t set to launch until early next year.

Apple first started allowing developers and public beta testers to try iOS 9.2 beta in late October. The previous release version of the iPhone and iPad software, iOS 9.1, was released around the same time and included over 150 new emoji characters, improvements to Live Photos on Apple’s newest iPhones, and updated space-themed wallpapers.

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