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A new report today says Apple has begun advertising the iPhone 6s to owners of older iPhones, via popups in the App Store.

Apple Pushing iPhone 6s to Owners of Older iPhones via App Store Popups


… as spotted by @Dirk_Gently on Twitter. If a user browses the App Store, perhaps updating apps, with an iPhone 5s or earlier device, a modal popup may appear over the top of the view promoting the iPhone 6s as a ‘ridiculously powerful’ upgrade. Users are directed to learn more or ‘upgrade now’ which takes them to the Apple Store app to buy the new phone directly. The ad code appears to have been included alongside iOS 9.2.

While Apple has used the App Store in the past for promoting new iPhones and iPads via small banners, or collections of apps, this campaign is much more targeted and aggressive, requiring users to press the “Skip” button to continue what they were doing. The ad marks the first time Apple has served up ads that interrupt what the user is doing to push a device update.

As can be expected, many users are finding such intrusive advertising irritating. Has it happened to you? Please share your opinion about this type of advertising in the comments section below.