Apple Promoting The Apple Watch Series 3 For Holiday Gift Giving

Apple’s new holiday ad campaign for the Apple Watch Series 3 titled “The Gift Of Go” presents four short 15 second ads promoting the Watch Series 3 as a holiday gift.

If you’re not sure what holiday gift to give to that special or athletic person in your life for the holiday, you might want to consider the Apple Watch Series 3. Especially if the person(s) is active, sports incline and on the go. This holiday season Apple has four 15 second videos focusing on the features of the Apple Watch Series 3, each video focuses on the Apple Watch 3 features while snowboarding, playing soccer, working out, and swimming.

The first quick 15-second video ” The Gift Of Go – Snowboard”  features the LTE ability to make phone calls and send and receive text using the Watch Series 3 while getting in a nice workout on the snowboard.

The second video titled “Soccer”, focuses on receiving texts then the soccer player begins practicing.

The third video titled “Workout” shows the Watch Series 3 being used to as the perfect workout motivator.

and the last 15- second video “Swim” focuses on using the Watch Series 3 for swimming, the Apple Watch Series 3 can be used to submerge while exercising in water activities.

Each video centers on the wearables aluminum models that have LTE capabilities, and the red Digital Crown which is visible in each video. The Apple Watch Series 3 LTE price starts at $399, and the non-LTE is priced at $329. Each video ends showing a quick unwrapping of an Apple Watch Series 3 gift box.

Source: Macrumors

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