Apple presents a holiday ad featuring the AirPods and the iPhone X, the ad centers around a couple dancing in the snow with the Airpods and iPhone X.

Apple’s latest one minute and 40 second holiday ad centers around the AirPods and the latest iPhone X. The title of the ad is called “Sway”, it’s a nice romantic holiday scene where a young lady is wearing a pair of AirPods and carrying an iPhone X, she starts the song “Palace” by Sam Smith on her iPhone X, and starts to dance to the song on the streets. A handsome young man walks by and they bump into each other, the young lady shares one of her AirPods with the young man so he can hear what song she’s dancing to. The couple runs through the snowy city enjoying each others company while the song “Palace” continues to play in the background. Just as the song is ending, the couple is about to kiss, and reality sets in, and they part ways.

If you want to watch the entire ad, you can do so by clicking on the video above.

Source: Mac Rumors

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