Apple Earnings Q3 2017

Amid a flurry of seemingly endless iPhone 8 rumors, Apple earlier this afternoon posted its earnings report for the company's June quarter. When all was said and done, Apple posted revenue of $45.4 billion, an operating profit of $8.7 billion and EPS of $1.67. As a point of comparison, Apple during the same quarter a year ago posted quarterly revenue of $42.4 billion and net income of $7.8 billion, all of which translated to an EPS of $1.42 for the quarter. All told, Apple's profits, year over year, shot up an impressive 17%.

Putting Apple's financial performance over the past three months into perspective, analysts on Wall St. were expecting Apple to post revenue in the $44 billion to $46 billion range with EPS projections falling in the $1.57 range. Clearly, it was an impressively solid quarter for Apple.

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