Apple Plans To Contribute $350 Billion To The U.S. Over The Next Five Years

Apple recently announce the company plans to invest monies back into the United States over the next five years by creating jobs, building another campus, and partnering with domestic suppliers and manufactures. 

Apple currently has over 84,000 employees and plans to create at least 20,000 more jobs in the United States over the course of the next five years. Apple is on a mission of reinvesting back into the USA by hiring and working with more American partners and suppliers. Currently the company is working with at least 9,000 American suppliers throughout the states, and by investing more, Apple will continue to allocate funds into its Advanced Manufacturing Fund, which is a fund set aside for investing in domestic manufactures. Apple originally had plans of investing $1 billion into the Advanced Manufacturing Fund, but now has increased it to $5 billion.

Another way Apple plans to invest in the US economy is by building more data centers, and a new campus, which the company hopes will create thousands of new jobs. The company plans to return roughly $245 billion of its overseas cash with the US, which is required by recent changes to the tax law. Apple also plans to increase its spending on its ConnectED program, the program assist children who may not have the privilege to learn coding skills if attending underserved schools.


Source: 9to5Mac

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