Apple Pay Could Be Coming To Russia, Taiwan, And Kenya

Apple Pay - Russia, Taiwan, Kenya

Apple is hoping to expand Apple’s Pay horizon throughout the globe in the coming weeks and months, starting with Russia, and hopefully adding on Taiwan, and Kenya.

Russia is still in the testing stage of using Apple Pay, at this point there has been no official word when users can began to use the app on iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, and Mac. Sources have reported that a launch for Apple Pay could be expected soon in Russia.

Kenya’s largest bank KCB Group is communicating with several companies to establish using Apple Pay as a payment system through its new fintech group. If this agreement finalizes in Kenya, this would be Apple Pay’s first acceptance in Africa.

There has been reports that Taiwan’s Financial Supervisory Commission is taking applications from banks who desire to offer Apple Pay as a payment system. This process is reported as being still in the early stages of development, and so far no indication when this process will be finalized. The Financial Commission did indicate that only credit cards would be used first when Apple Pay would launch.

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