Apple has officially posted the open-source components included in OS X El Capitan. Publishing the information is a requirement of the licensing of the code.

Apple Officially Releases Open-Source Code for OS X El Capitan


El Capitan originally shipped on Sept. 30. Critics have sometimes complained that Apple can be slow to publish open-source code, even though licenses demand that those parts be freely shared.

The company has added a number of file directories for El Capitan to their open-source site. The components help make up Darwin, the Unix-based operating system that Apple’s proprietary OS X code sits on. While most users will not be able to make heads nor tails of the code, developers may find it of interest as a resource for seeing how Apple has forked the project.

Also on the site is a spot where Apple shares some of the code found in their mobile operating system, iOS. However, much more of iOS is privately developed or licensed, leading to only six open-source downloads being available for iOS 9.