Apple offers AppleCare+ for the Mac, an extended warranty plan that provides accidental damage coverage for a service fee.

In addition to the one year service, the Extended Warranty covers an additional service for up to three years, and covers up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage for screen damage, or external enclosure damage. Apple charges a service fee of $99 for each service performed, for all other computer damages service fees cost $299 + tax.

Under the Extended Warranty, AppleCare+ covers additional hardware coverage which includes battery, Apple memory (RAM), AirPort, Apple USB SuperDrive, and accessories such as power adapters.

Software support includes direct access to Apple experts on any questions users may have pertaining to software such as – using macOS and iCoud, Apple branded apps for Photos, iMovies, GarageBand, Keynotes, and questions pertaining to connecting to printers and AirPort, regardless of where you are.

The AppleCare+ for Mac includes the 12-inch MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, the iMac, Mac Pro, and the Mac mini.


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