Cut the rope game 2

On Thursday, Apple named ZeptoLab’s Cut the Rope 2 its Free App of the Week. Folks looking to get the game for free will be able to do so until next Thursday. This means the popular physics based puzzle game will be free for all iOS devices for a full week.

If you aren’t familiar with Cut the Rope, it’s a game that has players feeding a green creature named Om Nom in a cross-platform setting. The second game offers new locations to explore, new characters and challenging puzzles.

Cut the rope game 1

The colorful game adds a nice mix with physics-based puzzles that put the player’s skills to the test. The second game also features different ways to complete a stage, this means you can now move, carry or scare Om Nom to get the candy to finish the level.

You can read the description for the game below.

“ZeptoLab’s highly anticipated sequel is an absolute blast, filled with endless charm and brilliantly designed physics-based puzzles. Use all-new allies and abilities to feed the adorable Om Nom candy while navigating each stage’s unique layout and collecting stars along the way. With new mechanics smartly layered onto the series’ already famous gameplay, Cut the Rope 2 is continually challenging and engaging.”

You can get Cut the Rope 2 for free in the App Store.

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