A recent discovery in the HomePod firmware seems to indicate that Apple may include a new Ski workout app for the Apple Watch in the near future.

It seems developer Jeffery Grossman made a recent discovery while looking through the HomePod’s IPSW firmware files, his discovery seems to point to references toward a “Skiing Workout” app which also included descriptions of what might be included in the “Ski Workout” such as “Downhill Snow Sports Distance”, “Ski Data”, and “Workout Activity Type.” Mr. Grossman also made reference to HKHeartRateVariabilityUtlilities and HKSleepAnalysisUtilities in his discovery.

At this point, this new discovery may be one of many new workout apps to be introduced in the future watchOS 4 updates coming this fall. The watchOS 4 updates should bring many improvements for the Workout app, which in turn should make it easier to start an exercise and string together different types of exercises. The update is free and compatible with all Apple Watch models once it’s released.

Source: gadgetsandwearables


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