Apple Maps Updated With Los Angeles Public Transit Data

Apple Maps GasBuddy & GreatSchools 2In recent news, Apple Maps gained a new update and lets iOS and OS X users explore Los Angeles. This also includes planning trips, finding different public transportation routes, checking for delays at nearby metro station and much more.

According to the info pop-up window provided for specific rail stations, Apple is acquiring at least some of its transit data from the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Southern California Regional Rail Authority.

In addition, Transit data is a first for iOS 9, which offers users directions, departure and other relevant information for a supported city’s public transportation network. Moreover, certain locations offer transit assets which include buses, ferries, subways, trains and more.

Finally, to better assist users while using Apple Maps, the company included a virtual top-down view of underground subway and train stations. This is said to help users visually find certain locations, which is also integrated with “realistic road signs.”

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