Apple Makes Swift Benchmark Suite Open Source

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According to Luke Larson on Apple’s official Swift blog, the toolkit that’s currently up on GitHub includes 75 benchmarks related to commonly used Swift workloads, libraries for various benchmarking functions, a driver for running benchmarks and utility for viewing/comparing metrics across Swift versions.

In addition, as an open source asset, the company encourages developers to contribute improvements such as new benchmarks covering performance critical workarounds, additions to helper libraries and general system enhancements.

Furthermore, Larson also explained that quite a bit of plans are in motion to include benchmark pull requests in Swift’s Continuous integration system. Running on Jenkins, Apple’s CI builds and runs tests on OS X and iOS simulators, as well as Ubuntu 14.04 and 15.10, to monitor project progress and review changes.

Swift was introduced as a successor to Objective-C during an announcement at WWDC 2014. The programming language went open source in December under an Apache license in an effort to boost adoption and add new features from the developer community.

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