Apple Kicks Off Its Free Hour Of Code Next Week

Apple will kick off its new Hour of Code sessions at all local Apple Stores between Dec. 4 and Dec 10, and new Swift Playgrounds challenges.

If you have a child or you plan on learning to code, you should get ready for Apple’s new Hour of Code sessions at all of its locations starting next month for anyone ages 12 and up. In addition, the company will offer new Swift Playgrounds challenges and teacher resources.

For an entire week, Apple will celebrate Computer Science Education Week, which will allow young coders to be apart of a “Kids Hour” with a different session focusing on Swift Playgrounds on the iPad.

For those of you who are educators, you might be interested in Teacher Tuesday sessions which will help educators learn a few new things and apply what they’ve learned in a lesson in the classroom.

The new Hour of Code challenge in the Swift Playground app has young coders build a digital robot and personalize it with new parts such as cyborg eyes and electric hula hoop arms.

Apple’s new Everyone Can Code curriculum offers a free Hour of Code guide which includes the new Swift Playground challenge to facilitate code lessons in community centers, schools, and after-school programs. Schools can host their own event by downloading the Swift Playgrounds app and Hour of Code guide.

If you’re interested, the registration for the Apple Store workshops is now open for sessions on December 4 through 10.

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