Apple Is Expected To Debut The HomePod Early This Year

Last year, Apple announced that it would release the long-awaited HomePod in early 2018, as of today, there has been no update on the debut date for the new Apple HomePod.

Apple first announced the HomePod at its 2017 WWDC event, the company shared the specs, its expected release date and the price. The company first announced it would debut the HomePod in December 2017, but in November of 2017, Apple announced the wireless speaker for the home would not be shipped in December, but would be delayed until early 2018 in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

The HomePod is a Siri-powered smart speaker that is supposed to have superior top audio quality. Apple has started the competition quite late in announcing its smart speaker, Amazon and Google have already introduced their version of a smart speaker well before Apple did. Amazon’s hub speaker is known as Amazon Echo, and Google’s hub speaker is known as Google Home.

With the upcoming CES (Consumer Electronics Show) starting January 9th – January 12th, Apple will probably wait until after the event ends and hopefully debut the HomePod near the end of January or wait until March to release the HomePod along with the possible release of the new iPhone SE.

The price of the $349 HomePod was announced at the 2017 WWDC event, but compared to the Amazon Echo $179.99, and the Google Home $129, Apple may have to make some adjustments or justify the cost by adding extra amenities that the other competitors’ smart speakers lack.  Apple is also expected to have two more rivals on the scene, the Sonos One smart speaker, and Samsung’s Bixby smart speaker, if its counterparts prices are all quite similar and the companies are offering very similar amenities Apple will have to make some price adjustments to stay in the running with this device.


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