Apple slew this year’s holiday season device activation, according to Form Factor. Both the iPhone and iPad were at the top of the charts during the week leading up to Christmas.

Flurry Analytics has reported that Apple’s iPhone and iPad made up 44 percent of all mobile activations globally, which is the same percentage as last year’s holiday season. Flurry found that the iPhone activation spanned over 10 different iPhone models ranging from the iPhone 6 to the latest iPhone X, which made up 15 percent of the total iPhone activations.

Samsung came in second place with 26 percent of device activation, which is 4 percent above last year’s same period.

Flurry noticed that phablets (large-screened smartphone) have been popular with consumers this year. Phablets made up 53 percent of device activations, which is the first time these types of smartphones accounted for more than half of all device activations.

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