Apple iPad Plays A Big Part In “Dillian’s Voice” Video

In April of 2016, Apple played a part in Autism Acceptance Month by having its iPad featured in a video with a young man by the name of Dillian using the iPad to communicate and deliver his graduation speech. 

Apple shared a few videos showing how the iPad played a significant part in the young man’s life name Dillian. Since a young child Dillian was diagnose with autism, communicating was very difficult for Dillian to express himself verbally. As he became older his frustration grew in not being able to express his thoughts verbally. Along with a communication therapist and an Apple iPad Dillian is now able to communicate with the world.

The short videos featuring Dillian using the iPad were used in April 2016 Autism Acceptance Month, which demonstrate how the iPad assists on a daily basis in learning how to communicate more effectively with others. The videos go on to show Dillian at his graduation giving a speech using the iPad to communicate with the audience.

The iPad is known as an “assistive technology” which basically means any form of device and/or system that assist in maintaining or improving the functional capabilities of those with disabilities. The assistive technology could include voice recognition software, screen readers, adaptive keyboards, and eye tracking devices. Along with third-party apps with the iPad has proven groundbreaking advancement in communicating with autism and for others with disabilities.

Source: The Verge

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