Apple insider sheds light on iPhone X’s Face ID and the lack of Touch ID

iPhone X Face ID

In the weeks and months leading up to Apple's iPhone X unveiling, it was never entirely clear what Apple was planning to do with Touch ID on its flagship 2017 iPhone. While some reports indicated that Apple had tried and failed to embed a Touch ID sensor underneath the iPhone X's OLED display, others speculated that Apple might opt to place its venerable Touch ID sensor on the backside of the device.

Of course, as we all know now, Apple with the iPhone X abandoned Touch ID altogether and replaced it with a facial recognition system called Face ID. According to Apple, Face ID is not only more seamless than Touch ID, but more reliable as well. As Phil Schiller noted earlier this week, the likelihood of an unauthorized user unlocking an iPhone secured by Face ID is an astonishing 1 out of 1 million. In stark contrast, the odds of someone unlocking an iPhone secured by Touch ID is 1 out of 50,000.

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