Apple has ordered its most ambitious TV series yet: An adaption of Asimov’s Foundation

Enlarge / Robert Heinlein, L. Sprague de Camp, and Isaac Asimov, Philadelphia Navy Yard, 1944. (credit: Public Domain)

As part of its yet-to-launch TV streaming lineup, Apple will develop a series based on Isaac Asimov's highly influential Foundation series of sci-fi novels, both Deadline and Variety report.

The series will be helmed by screenwriters and producers David S. Goyer and Josh Friedman, who have individually and previously worked on numerous superhero films and TV series such as Batman Begins, as well as the Terminator franchise. It will be produced by Skydance Television, which is also responsible for the Netflix sci-fi series Altered Carbon.

Foundation takes place after humans have colonized the galaxy and is largely concerned with the efforts of a mathematician who develops a way to predict galactic-scale events through a method called psychohistory, and he consequently discovers that the prosperous galactic empire is doomed to fall. He creates a foundation that seeks to lay the groundwork for the civilization's reboot after its inevitable collapse.

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