Apple & Foxconn Acknowledge High School Students Assembled The New iPhone X

Reports state that Apple’s supplier Foxconn, hired high school students to assemble the new iPhone X under unethical working conditions.

Reports are stating that both Apple and its main Chinese supplier Foxconn have acknowledged that around 3,000 students between the age of 17 to 19 worked 11 hours a day at the factory to assist in producing the latest iPhone X for three months in order to graduate from high school.

Apple informed the Financial Times that when an audit was conducted students were found working overtime, but the company insisted that the students all volunteered, and were appropriately compensated. The only comment Apple made regarding the amount of overtime these students worked daily was “they should not have been allowed to work overtime.”

As for Foxconn, the assemble supplier made a statement on this situation, by saying they investigated all the cases and acknowledged the students worked voluntarily and were compensated appropriately, and the interns did work overtime which was a violation of the company’s policy.

This isn’t the first time Foxconn and Apple have been under investigation for unethical working conditions in its factory, this exploitative business practice only shows both parties still have to make many changes in improving their work ethics.

Source: AFR

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