Apple forgot to mention one of the best things about the iPhone X

iPhone X Features And Specifications

Last week's Apple event was historic for several reasons. It was the first Apple press conference to be held at Apple's new campus in the Steve Jobs Theater. More importantly, however, it marked the tenth anniversary of Apple's original iPhone, and the company unveiled the most radical new design we've seen since that first iPhone was unveiled in 2007. The iPhone X is unlike any smartphone Apple has ever created before, and according to Apple it'll set the bar for smartphones for the next 10 years. We're not so sure about that, but we are sure that the iPhone X marks a huge step forward for the iPhone line in terms of both design and functionality.

Despite the fact that the iPhone X was Apple's "one more thing" last week, the company spent plenty of time discussing the phone on stage in Cupertino last Tuesday. Of course, Apple could've spent 6 hours talking about the phone and there still wouldn't have been enough time to cover everything. But there is one thing in particular that Apple executives didn't discuss, and it's going to have a huge impact on the iPhone X user experience.

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