Apple Ending One to One Group Training as of Dec. 17th


Apple announced earlier this year it was phasing out One to One personal training memberships, and as a part of that service’s ending, the company has announced an end to Group Training as of December 17.

Apple Ending One to One Group Training as of Dec. 17th

Hah-Ha! But seriously, we WILL have to stop meeting like this. Cupertino’s orders…


According to Apple, One to One Group Training will be removed as a service option on Dec. 17, the same day a simplified reservation webpage is expected to launch. AppleInsider reader Daniel noticed the scheduled change on his One to One membership landing page on Monday.

Apple is urging users to download any stored notes they have in the system before the 17th. Members can do so by clicking the “View Profile” link, and selecting “Email Your Notes.”

The One to One training program debuted in 2009, and was a $99 annual membership designed to help customers setup and use their Mac and iOS hardware and software. Program members could attend personal or group sessions at Apple retail stores.

Apple is putting an end to the program in favor of themed group workshops that help Apple users make better use of their Apple computers and devices, as well as associated apps. The free workshops are available to all, and include categories such as Discover, Create, Organize, Accessibility and Business.

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