bill hader iPhone 6s ad Apple on Tuesday posted up a brand new iPhone 6s ad, which highlights the new iPhone’s hands-free capability. The ad also features Saturday Night Live actor Bill Hader, who appeared in Apple’s WWDC ad this year. 

Moreover, the new ad shows viewers how they can tap into Siri hands-free mode by using voice commands to respond to emails. The new commercial is entitled “Prince Oseph,” and hints at the “prince that wants to help you get rich” scam — which was featured in the TV show The Office. You can watch the 32-second long video below.

Apple has been stepping up their game with marketing the new iPhone 6s, as it prepares for the big holiday quarter. Within two weeks the company released four commercials for the iPhone 6s, which covers the phone’s 3D Touch capabilities, its new camera and its hands-free voice commands.

Source info: Apple’s YouTube channel

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