iPad Pro 5 2

In recent news, Apple has confirmed that updating to iOS 9.2 should prevent a problem that was caused on the iPad Pro to become unresponsive after charging from continuing in the future, this news comes directly from Apple’s support page.

It is reported that right after the iPad Pro was released to the public, early adopters began complaining about an issue that caused the iPad Pro to become stuck or unresponsive after they were done charging the device, which required users to perform a hard restart to gain functionality back.

In addition, the company acknowledged the problem in a support document on its official site, noting that it was investigating the problem, and has now updated that support document to reflect that “iOS 9.2 or later” should prevent the problem from occurring again.

The unresponsive issue affected both 32GB and 128GB models of the iPad Pro on iOS 9.1, including Wi-Fi and LTE versions. With that said, iOS 9.2 should fix any problems with freezing-up or unresponsive commands across all models of the iPad Pro.

Source info: support.apple.com

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