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On Friday, Sony confirmed that it acquired Toshiba’s image sensor business, in a deal that could potentially reinforce its position for cameras in Apple devices, like in future iPhones.

The agreement was worth around 19 billion yen ($155 million), which was noted by Sony in a press statement. Toshiba will transfer the material of its 300mm wafer production line to Sony by March 31, pending regulatory approval.

The factory is predicted to produce CMOS sensors for Sony, which has offered to take on about 1,100 workers as part of the transfer deal.

In addition, Sony Semiconductor manufactures sensors for multiple devices, including its own and other third-party products like Nikon. However, one of their most important customers is Apple, which uses the sensors in devices like the iPhone 6s. Due to Sony acquiring Toshiba’s manufacturing capacity, it is said to help Sony secure further orders from Apple, since it can continue to meet high demand.

Looking over to Toshiba, the sell-off is needed to deal with the aftermath of an accounting scandal in which they overstated profits. The company has abandoned several businesses to gather up their finances, which has several sources reporting that Toshiba might offer up a portion of its memory division, and could possibly merge with Fujitsu and Vaio.

Source info: www.sony.net

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