In the wake of the discovery of the latest in a long line of Adobe Flash vulnerabilities, Apple has begun actively blocking outdated versions of the Flash Player plug-in for its Safari browser running on OS X.

Apple Begins Blocking Outdated Versions of Flash Player in OS X Safari Browser


Apple posted a support document to its website on Monday saying Flash versions older than, or on older machines, are now actively restricted from running on OS X. The precautionary measure is instituted to protect users unaware of the situation.

Adobe confirmed the vulnerability last week, saying the flaw could allow an attacker to take control of a user’s system.  Adobe warned that the vulnerability was being used in limited, targeted attacks. The company released a fix for the problem on Friday.

Any Mac users still running an insecure version of the Flash Player will see a pop-up message warning that the plug-in has been blocked, and offering a link to a download of the latest version of the Flash Player.

This isn’t the first time Apple has blocked the Flash Player to protect its users, activating the blocker a number of times in recent memory.