While we’re sure Apple appreciates the $548 million they finally received from Samsung for infringing its iPhone design patents, it seems there’s the little matter of almost $180 million in supplemental damages and interest…

Apple Asks Court to Make Samsung Cough Up Another $180M In Patent Settlement


Just over a week after Samsung paid Apple more than $548 million for infringing the patents and designs of the iPhone, Apple has asked a U.S. court to force its biggest smartphone rival to cough up even more.

Apple, in court papers filed last Wednesday, says Samsung owes them nearly $180 million in supplemental damages and interest, stemming back to the 2012 jury verdict which found that Samsung had infringed the Cupertino firm’s patents.

Following the verdict, Samsung had been ordered to pay the iPhone maker $930 million, an award which Samsung immediately appealed. In May of this year, a U.S. appeals court knocked $382 million off the top of the judgement, and Samsung paid the remaining $548.2 million in December 14th.

Although Samsung paid the judgement, it reserves the right to get the money back if an appeal it has filed with the U.S. Supreme court goes its way. Samsung says Apple was compensated far more than it deserved for patents on designs of the iPhone’s front face, bezel and application icons. The high court has not decided whether or not to accept the case for review.