Apple adds iPhone 8 and iPhone X to the list of phones it might throttle one day

Just when you thought battery gate was safely in the past, Apple has reminded us that it’s never really going to go away. As first reported by The Verge, Tuesday’s release of iOS 12.1 brought an under-the-radar “feature” that may raise the eyebrows of iPhone 8 and iPhone X users.

According to the iOS 12.1 release notes, Apple has brought its “performance management feature” to iPhone 8 and iPhone X. You’ll find the same language on Apple’s iPhone Battery and Performance support page. What it means is that now all iPhones up to the latest XS and XR models have a built-in setting that “dynamically manages maximum performance to prevent unexpected shutdowns is on and can choose to turn it off.” You won’t be able to see the feature and it won’t actually do anything yet, but one day it might.

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