Apple is apparently working behind the scenes to rollout a way for user to tell is an iOS app has a fourth-generation Apple TV version available.

App Store Now Lists if an iOS App has an Apple TV Version Available


From this morning, App Store listings have included ‘SF.UniversalAppleTV’ labels. If present, it means that the app in question also has a universal Apple TV app available in the tvOS App Store.

It’s likely that the label is an internal identifier, and users aren’t meant to see it yet, due to the user unfriendliness of the labels. The label will likely change to “Apple TV,” which would match the terminology used for Apple Watch app listings.

Apple has continued to work to add features to the tvOS App Store, which is still in its early stages of life. It has added “Top Charts” listings, and additional categories in an effort to aid app discovery on the new streaming box. it was recently announced that over 2,000 apps are now available in the tvOS App Store.